Our Services


Advising enterprises, entrepreneurs and sport clubs in finding the correct and appropriate commercial partners, in particular with regard to the world championship football of 2022 in Qatar;


Advising of sport clubs in the broadest sense and the advising and coaching of football players at their sporting career;

Real Estate & Events

The organization, support and promotion of events related to sports, culture, art and real estate;

Consulting & Sport

Advising on marketing and positioning of individual sportsmen and (representative) teams (of countries);

Information supply

Arranging and providing information about enterprises, sport clubs, market positions, legislation, fiscal rulings and finances;

Trade relations

Stimulation and promotion of trade relations and cooperation between enterprises and entrepreneurs as well as sport clubs which are located in Qatar, the UAE, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands;

Who We Are

We are a multi-national non-profit network organization in the legal frame of a Dutch Foundation with the objective to bring together clubs and players, with entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs together and with sport organizations and institutes established in different countries around the globe. We specialize in bringing about cross-border cooperation’s, mergers and acquisitions, sponsoring, consulting and transfers.


We have offices in Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, Dubai and Qatar. We speak and write Portuguese, Italian, German, English, Arab, French and Dutch.

The Heliotrope flower

Our inspiring symbol is the Heliotrope flower, a flower that bears in its name that it directs itself continuously towards the light beams of the sun.

A Bridge

Our operational symbol is a bridge, a bridge is the symbol of connecting two opposite sides of a river or waterway, in order to be used by people to cross from one side to the other, in order to meet each other, as they choose so.

Our Team

Our team consists of professional (ex) top sportsmen and women, but also of marketing specialists, legal - and fiscal advisers economists, chartered accountants financial engineers, creatives, social media and advertisement experts. All our professionals have an extensive experience in their discipline. Besides that, they all operate in a vast network in their country.

We have for example two internationally experienced Fifa-player agents in our team but also a so called Qatar sponsor with both Qatar and European nationality.

We operate in a flat management and operational structure, with only two levels, directors and consultants.